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What is Northern Polar Xperience?

Hi there,
I’m Samu!

I find crowded and touristic places boring, even disgusting. I want to experience things the most authentic and local way possible.

That’s why I founded Northern Polar Xperience.

It takes a lot of time and effort to come to Inari. I want to make your time here as memorable as possible and give you a chance to get the real experiences money can’t buy.

My story
Our activities

Welcome, friend

Everybody loves doing fun new things with their friends – so do I.

If you come and do activities with me you will be treated as and old friend instead of a tourist walking pile of cash. I love going out there and doing stuff with new people and I want to make it sure you feel the same way.

No matter who you are and where you come from, you will be welcome, friend. 

All activities

Professional visual memories

Let the visual memories speak for themselves. All of our northern lights tours and snowshoe safaris include free professional level photos – both raw and edited images.

You can also choose an optional photography service for the other activities – if you do, my professional photographer girlfriend will be joining us and taking some awesome pictures for you.

If you want a more vivid piece of memory, you can also choose to get a fully edited professional level video of your adventure.

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