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World class Northern Lights Tours

Our team makes everything effortless for you. During your online booking for Northern Lights tours in Inari, simply provide us with alternative dates. We’ll choose the most suitable evening for our Aurora hunting adventure. Our experts know the ideal locations to find the Northern Lights.

If Inari’s skies are clouded, we’ll drive you further to find the perfect spot. Even in temperatures as low as -25 celsius, you’ll have the comfort of the car to retreat to and warm up.

Professional level pictures included in all tours!

Our Northern Lights Tours
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Unique Ice Fishing Safaris

Join on our extraordinary journey where you get to witness and partake in ice fishing in Inari, a thrilling and unique Finnish tradition. The wilderness of Inari offers some of the best opportunities for ice fishing in the whole Finland.

Our experienced fishing guide Samu Hurskainen and the team will ensure you have an unforgettable experience – no matter whether you are an experienced fishing enthusiast or a total beginner!

Our Ice Fishing Safaris
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Sámi Reindeer farm visits

How much do you know about indigenous Sámi culture and reindeer? Have you ever wondered how it does feel to travel in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer?

Join us a visit to a local reindeer farm, ran by a young Skolt Sámi woman Emma! She will tell you everything you want to know about reindeer, Skolt Sámi culture and indigenous life in the lands of Sápmi.

And of course, you get to feed the reindeer and take those cute pictures with them!

Our Reindeer Farm Visits
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Snowshoeing with stunning views

Imagine finding yourself on an adventure through the open tundra surrounded by the incredible arctic landscape.

Snowshoeing allows you this freedom. Whether you’re leaving a trail of snow angels, challenging yourself in deep drifts, or simply enjoying the tranquil hike, the choice is yours. We always go for places which are visited by very few people. You get to feel the complete freedom of being one of the only souls within miles and miles.

Our Snowshoeing Tours
Two women snowshoeing in a fell
Sitting in a husky safari sled
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Husky Safaris

Welcome to experience once-in-a-lifetime experience with huskies!

Our husky riding safaris take you far away from the tourist crowds and into the heart of the real wilderness. As you glide through the snowy trails, you’ll be in the company of these remarkable and kind huskies, eager to guide you through the serene beauty of Inari’s natural surroundings.

Husky Safaris
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Pyrography Lesson

Is pyrography a new thing to you? Great! Join this workshop with an open mind and you’ll go home with a new skill and your own beautifully decorated traditional wooden cup – a “kuksa”. This is a perfect art experience for small groups. And of course, you don’t have to be an artist to join! 

Pyrography is really easier than it sounds and looks. 🙂

Pyrography Lessons
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Other activities and private events

Do you want to experience something we don’t have listed?

Don’t worry, I have a great network of the best activity and service providers in Inari area. If you have any wishes I haven’t answered for yet, don’t hesitate to contact!

We’ve also arranged high quality private events such as weddings or birthdays. If you would like to make your special day as memorable as possible, a cozy and authentic private event in Lapland is for sure the right way.

We’ll make it happen. 🙂