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Welcome to Inari, one of the world’s premier locations for witnessing the Northern Lights.

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Why should you choose Northern Polar Xperience for an Aurora tour?

Don’t Miss Out on the Magic of the Auroras in Inari

Many leave Inari without ever glimpsing the enchanting Aurora Borealis. Why? The challenge of finding the right spot, facing the freezing temperatures, or navigating icy roads often dissuade visitors from this extraordinary experience.

When it comes to Northern Lights tours in Inari, snowmobile safaris may not be your best option. Aurora sightings are generally more frequent with our guided tours by van, which are meticulously planned to include the most promising locations, regardless of the weather conditions.

Northern Lights Tours Prices

Aurora Tours

Adults109€ per person
Children99€ per person

Choose our Aurora Guarantee Tour for a peace of mind

With our Aurora Guarantee Tours, if the Northern Lights remain elusive during our tour, we’ll provide an 80% refund. If we must cancel due to weather conditions, you’ll always receive a 100% refund.

With our Aurora Guarantee Tours, if the Northern Lights remain elusive during our tour, we’ll provide an 80% refund. If we must cancel due to weather conditions, you’ll always receive a 100% refund.

Adults159€ per person
Children149€ per person

We’re currently doing tours for small groups of 1-4 persons.

All the prices include pick up from your accommodation (Inari/Ivalo), hot drinks, small snacks and high quality photos -see more below. We’re always checking the weather forecast before going for a tour. If we must cancel due to weather conditions, you’ll always receive a 100% refund.

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Photography Service – Capture Your Experience

An extra touch to your journey: We take the pictures everyone desires. Our guide is equipped with a top-notch camera setup to capture stunning Aurora images for you. After the tour, we’ll send you the digital files, all included in the price. Explore high-quality photos on our Instagram and get ready for the ultimate Northern Lights tours in Inari.

Why should you choose Northern Polar Xperience for an Aurora tour?

Enjoy Northern Lights by car touring in Inari

Our team makes everything effortless for you. During your online booking for Northern Lights tours in Inari, simply provide us with alternative dates. We’ll choose the most suitable evening for our Aurora hunting adventure. Our experts know the ideal locations to find the Northern Lights.

If Inari’s skies are clouded, we’ll drive you further to find the perfect spot. Even in temperatures as low as -25 celsius, you’ll have the comfort of the car to retreat to and warm up.

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Why should you choose Northern Polar Xperience for an Aurora tour?

Let’s make it fair for all of us

We organize tours only when there’s a promising opportunity to witness the Northern Lights.

At Northern Lights Tours in Inari, we arrange Aurora hunting experiences only when the weather forecast is favorable for viewing this natural wonder. If Lapland is shrouded in clouds and the chances are slim, we’ll either postpone or cancel. Typically, we offer only 1 or 2 tours per week, ensuring the best opportunity for success.

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Your Best Bet with Northern Lights Tours in Inari

Though we can’t guarantee a sighting, we make every effort to enhance your odds. The success rate to see aurora in Inari stands at amazing 80%. We can head in every direction (north, east, south or west) depending on the cloudiness and forecasts. This increases our chance to see the northern lights greatly.

High-Value Service Tailored for You


Book your tour flexibly, and we’ll handle the details, notifying you of the ideal date based on weather forecasts and Aurora activity levels. Please provide us a couple of optional days for the tour if you just can.


We’ll transport you to the best locations to view the Northern Lights in Inari, considering factors like cloud conditions. Always pick-up from your accommodation (Inari or Ivalo)

How to Book Northern Lights Tours in Inari by Car?

Choose the date that fits your stay in Inari from our online shop. Just click the product card in the calendar — it’s fast and simple.

During booking, we’ll ask about alternative nights in case of cloud cover. Please offer 2 or 3 additional dates that suit you. We’ll contact you a day before your arrival in Inari, informing you of optimal weather conditions.

Should the weather prove uncooperative, we’ll reschedule or cancel the tour, offering a 100% refund.

You can also reach us through iMessage or WhatsApp (+358 50 49 46 993) to jointly plan your adventure with Northern Lights tours in Inari.

Information about Northern Lights in Inari, Lapland

Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is an awe-inspiring natural display that lights up the night sky, especially in polar regions like Finnish Lapland. Inari stands as one of the premier destinations worldwide to witness the Northern Lights.

This extraordinary spectacle lures people from across the globe to Finnish Lapland. Seeing the Northern Lights in Inari can be an enchanting and unforgettable experience that stays with viewers forever.

Located within the Aurora Oval, Lapland is ideally positioned for observing the Northern Lights. The pristine landscapes, untouched by urban development, set the perfect stage for the Aurora Borealis to reveal its magnificence.

When to Experience Northern Lights Tours in Inari?

The prime season to see the Northern Lights in Inari spans from late August to early April. Long, dark nights create the perfect backdrop, with February and March being particularly promising. These months often boast clearer skies and minimal cloud cover, enhancing the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

How often are auroras visible in Inari? Last season, on our Northern Lights tours, we observed them multiple times a week from November to late March. Auroras may occur around 200 times a year in Inari from August until April. Some weeks bring almost nightly displays, while others may yield only one. An entire week without sightings is possible when prolonged low-pressure systems blanket Lapland with clouds.

The Aurora experience varies greatly. From faint glimmers near the northern horizon to brilliant shows painting the sky in green and pink, strong auroras can even make the snow glow. The duration can range from a brief ten minutes to several hours, often cycling in intensity. These unpredictable lights can deliver their most stunning displays in just a few fleeting moments.

Contrary to popular belief, the appearance of auroras doesn’t change with extreme cold. Whether at -30 degrees Celsius or around zero, the visibility remains the same. On very cold nights, clear skies do enhance viewing, while warmer nights around -5 Celsius may bring clouds.

Enhance Your Experience with Northern Lights Tours in Inari

For an optimal viewing experience, consider visiting Inari during a new moon phase. The darker nights and minimal moonlight let the Northern Lights shine brighter.

Though nightly Aurora activity forecasts exist, they can be unreliable. Even on a low activity forecast night, it may be worth venturing out, especially if it’s your only chance to join Northern Lights tours in Inari.

We strive to align your tour with high activity forecasts when possible. Right forecasts coupled with strong solar winds can make for an unforgettable night.

Geomagnetic storms, caused by potent solar winds, occurred about once a month during the last Aurora season (2022-2023). Expect more frequent storms in the upcoming season due to the approaching peak of the solar activity cycle.

Inari: Your Destination for the Ultimate Aurora Experience

Northern Lights Tours in Inari offers you the chance to witness this natural marvel in an unparalleled setting. Be part of an adventure that aligns with nature’s rhythm and offers the promise of a night to remember.