Reindeer Farm Day

Get known with the local Skolt Sámi way of life and meet the reindeer.

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Why should you join our Reindeer Farm Day?

A reindeer farm visit to remember

Looking to experience an authentic reindeer farm visit in Inari? Led by your Skolt Sámi guide, Emma, our Reindeer Farm Day is the ultimate way to explore the Sámi culture, arctic beauty, and the iconic reindeer.

Join Emma for a day filled with cultural insights, traditional handicrafts, and, of course, a memorable sleigh ride with her antler-headed friends.

Following your sleigh ride, Emma will take you on a guided tour of her reindeer farm. Here, you’ll come face-to-face with these incredible animals, learn about their life cycle, and discover what it takes to care for them throughout the harsh Arctic seasons.

Reindeer Farm Visit Prices

This is an adventure which takes the whole day (5-6 hours).

The price includes warm clothing, lunch, hot drinks and all the activities in the reindeer farm.

Children under 12 years old168€

Schedule for the adventure

Pick-up and Journey to the Farm
We kick off the day with a pick-up from your accommodation and drive you to Emma’s reindeer farm, located in the stunning landscapes around Inari. As we travel, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of Finnish Lapland, setting the mood for your authentic reindeer farm visit.

Arrival and Briefing
Upon arriving at the reindeer farm, Emma will greet you with a warm welcome and a brief orientation about the day’s activities. You’ll be outfitted with thermal clothing to keep you cozy throughout the day, ensuring you’re well-prepared to meet her antler-headed friends.

Sleigh Ride
Kickstart your reindeer farm visit in Inari with a mesmerizing sleigh ride. Feel the snow crunch under the sleigh’s runners as you glide through untouched Arctic landscapes, led by Emma’s well-trained reindeer.

Midday: Cozy Up and Cultivate

Open Fire Lunch
As noon approaches, we’ll gather around an open fire in a scenic setting within the farm’s vicinity. Emma will prepare a hearty Lappish meal, using locally-sourced ingredients, complemented by warm drinks. It’s the perfect setting for photos and to learn more about Sámi culture.

Sámi Culture and Handicrafts
While enjoying your lunch, Emma will showcase some traditional Sámi handicrafts, giving you an intimate look at the artistry and skills that have been passed down through generations.

Afternoon: Dive Deeper into Reindeer and Sámi Culture

Farm Tour and Reindeer Life Cycle
After lunch, we’ll embark on an educational tour of the reindeer farm. Emma will introduce you to the different stages of a reindeer’s life cycle and explain the significance of reindeer herding in the Sámi community.

Suopunki Throwing
Ready to test your skills? Emma will teach you how to throw a “Suopunki,” the traditional reindeer herder’s lasso. Whether you’re a natural or it’s your first time, it’s an engaging way to participate in a crucial aspect of Sámi culture.

Evening: Farewell and Return

Reflection and Goodbyes
As the day comes to an end, we’ll gather for a brief moment to reflect on your enriching reindeer farm visit in Inari. You’ll have a final chance to ask Emma any lingering questions and to thank her antler-headed friends for the day’s adventures.

Drive Back to Accommodation
We’ll then drive you back to your accommodation, ending your day on a high note. While the day’s activities may have concluded, your memories from this authentic experience at a reindeer farm in Inari will surely last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on this culturally rich and immersive reindeer farm visit in Inari—book your spot today!