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Why should you choose Northern Polar Xperience for a snowshoeing tour?

Snowshoeing with stunning views

Imagine finding yourself on an adventure through the open tundra surrounded by the incredible arctic landscape. Snowshoeing in Inari allows you this freedom. Whether you’re leaving a trail of snow angels, challenging yourself in deep drifts, or simply enjoying the tranquil hike, the choice is yours.

We always go for places which are visited by very few people. You get to feel the complete freedom of being one of the only souls within miles and miles.

Schedule for the adventure

Morning: The Adventure Begins

We start our day early with pick-up from your accommodation and an hour long drive deep into the wilderness with great views. When we’re in our driving destination we’ll start with a briefing on snowshoeing techniques, followed by fitting your equipment. As you set foot on the arctic snow, your day-long adventure begins. Feel the crunch under your snowshoes as we make our way through unexplored paths.

Midday: Recharge and Refuel

As lunchtime approaches, we’ll settle down at a picturesque location on top of the fell. Enjoy a hearty meal prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, complemented by hot drinks to keep you warm. It’s an ideal time for photos and sharing stories.

Afternoon: Discover the Untamed

In the afternoon, we continue our snowshoeing adventure, perhaps sighting some of Lapland’s elusive wildlife including willow grouses, snowshoe hares and of course the reindeer. Our guides will share local knowledge and inform you about how we should honor the lands of Sámi, making this not just a physical journey but also a cultural experience.

Evening: Return and Reflect

As the day winds down, we return to our starting point and drive you back to your accommodation. The day may be over, but your memories of snowshoeing in Inari will last a lifetime.

Snowshoeing Safari Prices

Full Day in a Fell

Adults179€ per person
Children149€ per person

Your “Full Day in a Fell” -adventure package includes:

Hot Drinks

Group size: 2-4 people (all tours are private tours)

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Note: Our trips are eco-friendly and we follow a strict leave-no-trace policy to ensure that the beauty of the arctic remains untouched for future generations.

Feel the serenity, embrace the adventure. Snowshoeing in Inari is not just an activity, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Book now!

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