The Story

Why NPX – Northern Polar Xperience was born

👋🏻 Hi there, I’m Samu!

I’m the owner and founder of NPX – Northern Polar Xperience. Over here I will tell you a little bit of my backstory and why I wanted to create NPX.

I for sure love good stories and I think mine is starting to also be one. I’ve lived (almost) everywhere in Finland, worked as an entrepreneur in several fields for almost ten years and now I’m finally feeling I’m at home doing what I love in Inari.

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Eastern Finland born and raised

I was born and raised in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Joensuu is part of the Northern Karelia region and the Karelian culture and view of life lies deep within me. My whole family is from the Eastern Finland’s Karelian region, part of it originally from the side which is under Russian control now. When I speak Finnish my Karelian dialect is quite strong, I love our cuisine (which I also usually bring with me to the activities) and I’m very good at staying positive – no matter the situation.

Fun fact: a general opinion in Finland is that people from the east and people from the north get along really well. And I also think this is really true!

After turning 18 I’ve lived in almost every part of Finland and the last place where I lived before moving to Inari was in the city center of Helsinki. And let me tell you, moving here up north was the best decision I’ve made in my life so far.

Why I chose Inari?

To be honest, it was a small coincidence. I lived in the city center of Helsinki and wanted a change. I looked up multiple places in Lapland and Inari was the most unknown area for me, which felt really intriguing. Also the diversity of nature in Inari was a big driving factor – you can find here open tundra, ancient forests and beautiful lakes with rivers full of fish. To be honest, it was quite an easy choice after doing the research and mirroring my own experiences about Finnish Lapland.

And let me tell you, it was for sure the best decision of my life.

Always in touch with nature

I’ve been in touch with nature ever since I was born. My family has a summer place where we spent a lot of time, exploring the forests and learning to fish with my grandfather. I picked up fishing with nets and rods already at early age and later on it became even a profession for me, on the footsteps of my granddad.

Nowadays nature is basically everything for me. I spend all my free time enjoying the wilderness of Inari, whether depending on the season I’m hunting, fishing or just generally exploring. And of course, most of my working hours are spent also everywhere out there.

The arctic nature has taken me as a prisoner and I love it.